SuperTruper for Android

Save a few euros on your shopping


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SuperTruper is an app whose main aim is to help you save when you shop. How? It's easy: it tells you both the cheapest and most expensive places to buy any given product.

The way the app works is as straightforward as it is intuitive. You just have to take a picture of the barcode of the product you want to buy with your Android's camera, and the app will automatically bring up the item and tell you all the supermarkets where you can find it and the prices in each place. Another way of doing this is by typing in the name of the product directly.

Thanks to this feature, you can create different custom lists of things you want to buy in each supermarket, which could help you save a good few euros on your weekly shopping.

SuperTruper is a unique tool could become an essential for users trying to save money in the squeeze before payday. Cent by cent, the savings will add up after using the app for a few months. Additionally, both the interface and the features offered are very accessible for all users.
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